Weather Stripping

When surface finish is critical, customers look to Xamax Industries interleave materials for the protection their products need. Whether your company works with metals, glass, plastic or stamping, Xamax has a product to protect your products from scratching, abrasions and tarnishing. From metal interleave papers to packaging tissues to oil absorbent products our team is dedicated to bringing the most innovative interleave solutions to the market.



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Tuff Kraft™ papers are high quality, cost-effective, extra tough and clean virgin Kraft papers. Kraft Paper™ is an industry standard separator for metal rolling, stampings, plated and molded parts, offering superior durability for industrial packaging.

Tuff Kraft™ Benefits:

  • High-quality, cost-effective
  • Neutral pH
  • Clean, virgin Kraft paper
  • Superior durability for industrial packaging
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